Welcome to our video page showing you something of our Rubatano work.

Each video was filmed and presented by visiting Christian groups, with each group presenting their own programme of activities.

Please note:-

  • One or more of the videos may refer to ‘Hands at Work’. Rubatano is no longer supported by Hands at Work, and is now an independent national volunteer ministry.
  • Some videos may not display/run correctly within the page using certain browsers. For this reason a link to open in a new browser window is provided for each item.
Master’s Heart Rubatano 2011:

Sarah Wisthoff narrates the video of the team’s visit.

N.B. You may need to install the Silverlight plugin for it to run.

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Hands at Work in Mozambique:

This is a very good video introducing the Rubatano work in Mozambique, though Hands at Work now no longer supports it.

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Master’s Heart Promo of Rubatano:

Ever considered God’s mandate to the poor? God’s word is very clear about caring for the least of these. The country of Mozambique is made up of the poorest of the poor and has been ravaged by the effects of HIV/AIDS. Come join Master’s Heart as we venture to one of our ministry partners, Rubatano Home Based Care. Enjoy!

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Showing a visit to Mozambique and to Rubatano by a group from Wellspring Church, USA.

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