Planned Activities (2014)

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Planned activities for 2014

  Planned Activities for this year 2014 Timetable Target Number Achieved Not Achieved
1 Realization of monthly meeting and activitiesand continuing to plan for the future months Monthly 60 Volunteers
2 Monthly monitoring and evaluation of the activities of the project.  Monthly 3  People
3 Realization of Home Based Care to AIDS patients, HIV Mothers  and pre/post-natal patients Yearly 400 Patients
4 Orphans registered and visited at the end of 2014 12 months 1,200 Orphans
5 Realization of Co-ordination  Meetings with Community  Leaders Monthly 10 Community   Leaders
6 Realization of Rubatano’sCo-ordinators meetings Monthly 9 Coordinators
7 Quarterly workshops for Orphans in 3 CareCentres.  4 Quarterly 1,000 Orphans
8 Drumming done by the Volunteers to the Patients, orphans and Communities. 4 Quarterly 80 Drummers  
9 Godly Farming Way training to the 30 orphans in 3 Care Centres of Rubatano Ministry, from March to Nov 2014. 3 times a week 90 Orphans
10 Christmas celebration in 3 Care Centres of Rubatano December 1,000 Orphans
11 Food security support for  Orphans and Patients who have no  power to stand for themselves  Monthly 300 Orphans
12 Chicken Farming project(IGA) 3 Quarterly 1,000 Chickens
13 SupervisionofRubatano’s Home Visitation, together with Government Health and Social Services officials 4 Quarterly 5 Delegations
14 Planting wells –Nhamatanda&MaforgaCommunities Yearly 2 Boreholes
15 5 Sewing machines for training 10 orphans  in  3 Care Centres Yearly 30 Orphans
16 Pre-school , for Orphans and Vulnerable Children (OVC) and community children, yearly 80 Pre-School
17 Orphans struggling at Secondary level, extra teachinggiven at the Care Centresfor grades 8,9, 10& 11 Yearly 50 orphans
18 Visitors for this year, from  England: 

and from America:

March 2014 

July 2014

1 person from England10 or 12 people from America

We trust the Lord God for the fulfillment of these projects, planned and written by faith.

Your prayer support is needed.