Mission Purpose/Statement

Rubatano is a Christ-centred, community-based ministry committed to the poor and striving to care for the orphaned and vulnerable children in Mozambique.


With an understanding that the average Mozambican lives to be52 years old and 1 in 4 is dying of AIDS, Rubatano takes action in the following ways:-

  1. In 2014, we had 54 national volunteers serving 18 Mozambican communities.
  2. 400 patients and 1,700 Orphaned and Vulnerable Children (OVC) were visited by Rubatano’s volunteers on a weekly basis. We aim to provide many of these OVCs with 3 essential services including 1) food security, 2) basic healthcare, and 3) education.
  3. Volunteers make regular home visits to patients and also to OVCs.
  4. Volunteers instruct patients and orphans on developing their own income generating projects such as vegetable gardens and chicken coops.
  5. Initiation of a Multiple Care Center will function as a place for special care for those requiring additional nutritional soft porridge, a location for an orphan after school program and a crĂȘche.

Current Issues

  • Extreme poverty
  • Child headed households
  • Lack of education
  • Opportunistic infections
  • Deceit of local witch doctors
  • Immature Mozambican believers
  • Hunger
  • Insufficient shelter
  • Unemployment

Current Involvement

  • Reliable international church partnership
  • Prayer intercessors
  • Building/housing construction
  • Teaching & Christian discipleship
  • Building capacity among national volunteers
  • Groups/individuals helping more OVCs to receive the 3 essential services
Maria – an AIDS orphan cared for by Rubatano

Widow Roinha and her seven children receive food packages from Rubatano