Master’s Heart Ministries

Ministry report – Mozambique – July 2009

Its ALL about Jesus!

Prior to leaving Mozambique, our team began sharing what God had impressed on our hearts while in this promised land. As I closed my eyes, the first thought that came to my mind was….“its all about Jesus”. It is my hope to now share with you how I saw Jesus in so many ways while serving in Mozambique with Rubatano Home Based Care.

Maria. On our first home based care day (which consisted of walking many miles through the bush to visit patients and orphans), we met a teenage girl name Maria. Through our translator we discovered that her mother had passed away 2 weeks earlier, making her an orphan (her father was not in the picture). After listening to Maria share, one of our team members, Shirleen, told her story about how she lost her mother as a child. I will never forget the first statement that came from Shirleen’s mouth as she began to share….she asked Maria – “Do you know Jesus?” This was truly beautiful to hear, because Jesus IS the answer for the broken hearted such as Maria!
sarahSarah with orphan children
Rubatano Volunteers. The ministry that we went to serve alongside in Mozy is called Rubatano Home Based Care – their hearts cry is to care for the broken, orphan and widow. They care for such as these by weekly visiting patients and orphans, providing food packages, shelter, and school uniforms etc as funds permit. What continues to be the most striking characteristic of these volunteers is that many of them are the desperate and broken themselves, meaning that some of them are orphans, widows and/or infected with HIV/AIDS! This is JESUS!! It can only be Jesus that would compel man to care for their neighbor as they would care for themselves – truly living beyond themselves! Jesus’ love should compel us to live in this way!
volunteersVolunteers, team members and orphans
Feeding close to 1000 orphans. Because of the generosity of supporters, our team managed to finance an orphan fun day consisting of 2 warm meals for Rubatano’s orphan children. Not only did the children eat, but they played different games for hours. The biggest joy was seeing the orphans be kids when many of them are the head of their households and have taken on the role of the primary care giver for their younger siblings. In feeding, caring for and playing with these orphans I remembered when Jesus said “whatever you did for one of the least of these brothers of mine, you did for me.”
Feeding 1000 orphans

Our time in Mozambique was ALL about Jesus and ALL for Him! It amazes me that He would choose to use us, the worst of sinners, to serve Him and care for the least of these! All Glory and Honor to Him!

If you were a supporter in prayer or financially for this trip– THANKYOU – we truly praise God for each of you. I trust that God will impress on your hearts how valuable you are!