Achievements (2013)

Home Based Care – Gondola
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Narrative Report of the Rubatano ministry for 2013

  Planned Activities for the year 2013 Timetable Target Number Achieved Not Achieved
1 Monthly meetings, activities and continuation of  planning for the future months Monthly 68  Volunteers 60 Volunteers Some went to find Jobs
2 Monthly monitoring and evaluation of the project activities  Monthly 3  People 3 people
3 Home Based Care for AIDS patients, HIV Mothers,  pre &post birth patients.  Yearly 400 Patients . 425 Patients
4 Orphans registered, visitered, School Support. Monthly 1,200 Orphans 1,378 Orphans
5 Realization of co-ordination  meeting with Community  Leaders Monthly 10 Community  Leaders. 6 Community Leaders Some were busy
6 Rubatano’s Co-ordinators meetings.  Monthly 8 Coordinators 8 Coordinators
7 Workshops for the Orphans in 3 Care Centres  Monthly 950 Orphans 1,140 Orphans
8 Drumming done by the Volunteers to patients, orphans and communities.  4 Quarters 80 Drummers 80 drummers
9 Farming God’s Way training for the orphans in 3 Care Centres of Rubatano Ministry,  March to November 2013  3 times a week 90 Orphans 83 Orphans graduated Some gave up
10 Christmas celebrations in 3 Care Centres of Rubatano Ministry  Christmas Day 950 Orphans 999 Orphans
11 Food security support for  Orphans, Patients  Monthly 300  Orphans 110orphans
12 Chicken Farming Project (IGA) 3 Quarterly 1,000 Chickens Ready , we will start in March
13 Supervisionhome visits  of Rubatano’s  work, together with Health and Social services (Government officials) 4 Quarterly 5 Delegations 4 people did the work
14 Planting wells  in the Nhamatanda, MaforgaCommunities. 3  Quarterly 2 water pumps None Not yet
15 Patients and Orphans referred to the Hospital  and Social Services Yearly 0 779  references
16 Care givers, who were involved in the program throughout the year. Yearly 0 493 Families
17 Orphans &Vulnerable Children received 688 blankets. Yearly 688 OVC’s 688 Orphans
18 Savings and Allowances, involving Volunteers,  Patients, & other different Community people. Doing the Savings and Allowances. Yearly 8 Groups 14 Groups


At Christmas we had some great celebrations with Orphans in 3Care Centres.

We wish you could have been there with us, having great fellowship, good fun and sharing meals together!

If we lookback from January to December 2013, we experienced God’s favours, faithfulness, protection and provision. Together we can feel blessed to see the table of activity been fulfilled in what the Lord has done through your physicaland spiritual support.

THANK YOU SO MUCH, for our God is able to do great things through his servants.

Have a wonderful Year2014, much love from us all,

Carlos, Pascoa, Nhacha, Tabitha, Jessica, Isaac, Delicia and the Rubatano family.