Our care centres are in the three towns of Gondola, Amatongas and Nhamatanda, all in central Mozamabique.


Rubatano is a Christian community- based ministry committed to the poor and sick. They care for the orphaned and vulnerable children in Mozambique and support those affected by HIV/AIDS. Through home based care (HBC), Rubatano recruits and trains local church volunteers in basic health and care skills. These volunteers support and look after sick and vulnerable people in their homes and community.

Faced with the facts that the average Mozambican lives to be 52 years old, and 1 in 4 is dying of AIDS, Rubatano takes action through two programs, home-based care and orphan care.

Home-Based Care

A team of 64 dedicated local church Rubatano Volunteers serve 18 Mozambican communities by delivering care to 400 people suffering from HIV/AIDS. Three days per week small groups of volunteers visit the homes of people suffering from AIDS. During these visits the volunteers provide spiritual and emotional support, as well as encouragement to these culturally marginalized individuals. They also monitor their physical condition, ensuring access to hospital care and services when required. Volunteers make regular home visits to clients each month.

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  1. Distribution of Support for Orphans, and 20 Orphans now with employment. Thank our God!
  2. The Sewing Project, and those who already have employment. Praise the Lord!
  3. Rubatano Volunteers meeting to PRAY & PLAN together. Also receive electronic thermometers  and hand-gel,etc. for each Centre.
  4. Vegetables always being grown.
  5. Rubatano Report on 1st Quarter of 2021, and especially the Micro-Savings Group.

During this Covid-19 pandemic and recent cyclones, Carlos often has had problems with his laptop  or internet access, so has difficulty receiving/sending emails.

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Orphan Care

Rubatano delivers care to almost 2,000 Orphaned and Vulnerable Children (OVC) in these 18 communities. On a weekly basis they deliver three essential services: food, health care, and access to education. These children also receive training in vocational and life-skills, as well as individualised care and attention through the home visits. Every three months an “Orphan Day” is hosted at each of the sites. This is a time when all the orphans in the area come together for teaching and sharing of food, fun and games. Volunteers make frequent visits to the OVC’s. Many of these orphans encounter abuse and marginalization in their communities. The twice-weekly visits by the volunteers increase their self-worth as well as their worth in the eyes of the community.

With an obvious love for his people, Carlos leads Rubatano with a faith filled servant heart!

July 2020: Carlos, Pascua and their four children. Their adopted daughter Nyacha (on left) now a School Teacher, Tabita, Carlos, Pascua, Jessica. At  front: Penina. At rear: Isaac.

In much of this area, Rubatano is the only program serving widows, orphans and those suffering AIDS in the community.

Rubatano is directed by Carlos Giua who started this ministry 10 years ago, and it now employs 8 staff and is served by a total of 60 Rubatano Volunteers.

* Rubatano is located in central Mozambique working with Community-Based Organisations in Gondola, Amatongas and Nhamatanda.